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  1. Budget – Plan for the type of wedding you can afford!
  2. Be True to Yourself – Your celebration must reflect you, your values and your shared style.
  3. Be Organised – It’s key to a stress free wedding!
  4. Prioritize – Fundamentals first (e.g. venue) then the smaller details
  5. Stand Together – Create your day together. Leave some room for family input, especially if they are contributing financially.
  6. Delegate – Behind every bride and groom is a fabulous and efficient team
  7. Bridesmaids and Best Man – Have a reliable Maid of Honour and Best Man!
  8. Hiring – Before signing your contract ask: “is this your best price?” And read the small print: are service charges included?
  9. Keep Cool, Calm and Collected – Especially with your family and closest friends…
  10. Wedding Free Zones – Have a wedding free zone at home and wedding free evenings…This will help you both remember why you are doing this.